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About Us

A Better World for Students, Teachers and Administrators.

At Subbie, our passion stems from the right connection. Our vision is to make the educational experience for all concerned a better and a more fruitful one through proper matching of substitutes to classroom teachers when in need. is a community, focused on the Educator and their specific and unique needs and goals. This isn’t about finding warm bodies or going down a phone tree when a school has a need for a teacher or a guest teacher. We believe that every Educator is unique. The culture, values and work environment of the school they teach in are all crucial for allowing an educator to be their best selves and provide them the fulfillment and the focus they need to give all that they have to their kids.

This translates to higher test scores, less turnover, fewer absences and a more enriched learning experience for Students.

School Partnerships

At Subbie, we understand the education industry because educational staffing has been our sole focus. Realizing that each school district has different goals and requirements, we will collaborate with your district to customize a program that best meets your needs. These customized solutions result in benefits for your school districts from your budget down to the quality of education provided to your students.

Financial Savings:
The challenge of identifying innovative ways to reduce costs is growing. Repeated reductions in state funding are forcing tough decisions on a majority of school districts. Understanding the complexities of the situation, Subbie presents unique and proven solutions that save districts money.

360º Support:
Our experienced management team pays attention to every detail to ensure your program runs seamlessly while focusing on our joint goal of providing the highest quality of education for your students. Our team is dedicated to finding, vetting, and managing the most qualified, reliable, and skilled personnel to work in your schools.

We want your students to be successful, and we want your district staff to be successful as well. Beginning on day-one, this partnership is designed to provide full support to all district and school staff members. We are dedicated to providing quick answers to your questions. Our goal is to make sure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Customized Solutions:
Whether you need to Build or Enhance a Sub Pool, find exceptional Full-Time Teachers or need assistance with Succession or Projection Planning, we can help! We can also help you identify and fix any number of specific pain points unique to your school or district’s talent needs. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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Become a Subbie SuperHero

Every Educator is Unique. We know this, and it’s about time there was a program focused on your career success and satisfaction. is that program.

We provide Educators with a simple-to-use process that ensures you work where you want, when you want, and within your specialty, values and best cultural fit.

We listen to you, and know that while pay is important, there are other factors that define your success in the classroom and in your career. While we are getting to know you, you will be encouraged to create a Subbie SuperHero Profile that will capture your needs holistically and project a Complete Picture of you as an Educator.

Basic Info: Picture, Name, Location, Grades Preferred, Specialties, Availability
Additional Info: Special skills, types of schools preferred (Charter/Public/Private, etc), Career Goals, Pay needs and the types of jobs you would consider.
About you: This gives you the opportunity to write a bio about yourself, to give a glimpse of your unique gifts as an educator, and your needs in a work environment to ensure the right cultural/value fit.
Resume: We will work with you, if you like, to help craft or update your resume in a way that reflects your skills and requirements accurately and dynamically.

Why be a Subbie SuperHero?

Reviews! Would you like to rate the school and in turn be rated on your performance? 5 Stars for a great place to work? 5 Stars for a great Educator? We do that!

Customized! Would you prefer to be matched with teaching engagements that fit with your passions and expertise? No phone trees. No baby-sitting. Just thoughtful, individualized matches, where the Educator’s best interests come first. That’s our model!

Information! What if when you went to the classroom and all the information about at risk children, children with medical or emotional issues could be noted, with appropriate action, in a safe Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant electronic file that the school keeps for your reference… Each match between Educator and School will provide the Educator with all the information needed when connecting with a new School (Maps, Lesson Plans, Staff Contacts, etc.) You’ll be armed with all the tools you need to be a Subbie SuperHero!

Resources! Our goal is to provide you with everything you need in your educational career, whether it’s training, certification, events, etc. We are constantly updating our resources page, so please let us know if there is anything we can add that will help you in any way!

Connection! At Subbie, we understand that being an Educator takes everything you have to give. It can be exhausting, and draining, and burn-out is common. Great Educators teach from the heart, and we at Subbie will support you every step of the way! if you need a break and want to try something else, if you want to advance but don’t know where to start, or if you simply would benefit from a community of Educators who know where you are coming from, is your community.

Ready to Start?

Reporting and Analysis

At Subbie, we take fiscal responsibility very seriously - partnering with districts to help manage budgets, cut costs and still deliver the best Educators and Educational Staff available.

There is no question that substitute management data is powerful, we strive to assist districts with the analytics needed to keep costs in place and showcase the best solution for your talent needs in the most easily understandable format.

We work with you to help identify work pattern trends, recruiting for under-represented areas (specialists or classroom level specific) and develop forecasting.

Contact us today to learn how we can start working for you! — Start saving your district money and time, while increasing the opportunity for student success!

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

Can I choose where to work?

Yes! When you join the Subbie Team we work with you and make sure you are offered the classroom level or specialist role that you are qualified and passionate about teaching…. In the districts you desire.

What are the benefits of becoming a Subbie SuperHero?

There are so many! Benefits vary depending on your career goals. Most of our Educators feel the most attractive benefit is the ability to work in their most comfortable environment. You are also connected to specialists focused on your career, providing resources, support and one-on-one consultations. Get out of the phone tree rat-race and onto the Favorite Subs List of schools you work with!

How much are Subbie SuperHeroes paid?

Each school has it’s own pay rates, when you sign up with us we work with you to help you understand which schools pay what for each day/half day.

Can I choose when to work?

Absolutely, you tell us your availability and that way you will only be contacted when and for which roles you are interested.